Alicia Williams




Alicia Williams is a licensed cosmetologist who has passionately & professionally served in the beauty industry for over 20 years.  Encouraging, inspiring, and beautifying others by helping them to feel and look their best is her God given purpose.

Alicia’s love and creativity for hair and fashion began unfolding as a child. She continues to draw inspiration and creativity through continued education, art and fashion. Alicia enjoys tailoring new looks for clients by incorporating their personalities, life styles, preferences, and her professional knowledge. Hair care is a priority to Alicia. She loves sharing tips on hair care, maintenance, and product knowledge. Helping her clients to keep their hair in the best condition while maintaining great style.

Alicia has created a line of protective satin hair wraps for sleep and working out. Some of Alicia’s specialties include customized and dimensional hair coloring, hair cuts, makeovers and personal style consultation.

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